Research -


We are evolving our mobile outcomes and monitoring app and we have brought in a research team headed by Bruce Wampold, Ph.D. (author of the Great Psychotherapy Debate) to help us in this ongoing effort. Initially his group will help us develop outcomes metrics (e.g. effect size statistics) and decision support alerts as to adequacy of response to treatment. Longer term we hope to assess the impact of providing daily monitoring on treatment outcomes, a prospect we find pretty exciting.

Our first project is integrating decision support alerts into the PHQ 9 and GAD 7. This project will enable CarePaths to provide real time alerts or signals to clinicians based on the trajectory of individual patient change, e.g. patient X is not improving as much as most patients given the initial level of severity. The alerts are based on case mix adjusted normative data collected longitudinally on the measures. Research has shown that decision support alerts that identify patients who are not progressing adequately in treatment improves patient outcomes significantly.