Measures -


Precision guided care provides behavioral measures for assessment of three groups: adults, children, and adult pain patients. The batteries for the groups contain two or more instruments and take only a few minutes to complete. Adult instruments are completed by the patient; child instruments by the parent, guardian, or teacher. All the instruments are psychometrically sound, provide decision support recommendations, and are used for both assessment and outcomes tracking. They are also widely used in primary care and specialty behavioral care.

1. The Adult Battery


  • Depression Measure
  • 9 items
  • widely used in primary care


  • Anxiety Measure
  • 7 items


  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Measure
  • 4 items
  • adaptation of widely-use CAGE alcohol screening questionnaire

2. The Child Battery

SNAP IV ADHD Rating Scale

  • Measures ADHD
  • Subscales for¬†inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity
  • 18 items
  • completed by parent, guardian or teacher

Pediatric Symptom Checklist 17 (PSC 17)

  • General measure of child symptoms
  • subscales for internalizing, conduct, and attention problems.
  • 17 items
  • completed by parent, guardian or teacher

3. Adult Pain Battery

PHQ 9, GAD 7 & CAGE-AID from adult battery

Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire

  • Functional Impact of Low Back Pain Measure
  • 24 items

The Modified Somatic Perception Questionnaire

  • Somatic and Autonomic Perception in Chronic Pain Measure
  • used to identify¬†patients whose physical symptom presentations and disability is of non-organic origin
  • useful in detecting malingering
  • 13 items